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About Our Team

Why Us?

Together, our team boasts expertise in social work, employment, developmental services, child and youth work, health promotion, and client advocacy. We are a passionate multi-disciplinary organization that is dedicated to the successful employment of our clients.

Job Development & Job Retention Team

An employment counsellor's primary responsibility is to assist clients who face physical, emotional, psychological, and learning challenges find suitable employment. This requires thorough understanding of a client's barriers, as well as the needs of the workplace. Analyzing individual factors such as education, experience, skills, interests, and values as well as personal limitations, our Employment Counsellors establish a solid conceptual basis that is tailored to the person’s circumstances, and assist in determining the direction of their job search.

Ivan Giroux, BA – Owner

Northern Vocational Services, Inc. was founded by Ivan Giroux in 1992. Ivan brings more than 25 years of experience in the vocational and employment rehabilitation sector. A graduate in Sociology from Laurentian University, Ivan brings a unique perspective to the mission based on insightful vocational assessments and extensive study of employers’ requirements. Ivan is fully bilingual.

Jackie Miller - Operations Manager 

Courtney Lamarche - Assistant Operations Manager / Employment Counsellor

Danielle Marrocco - Retention Consultant